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VC Funding High Level Synthesis
RGIIT Amethi an extension campus of IIIT Allahabad is established in a sprawling 60 acre area in the midst of picturesque, holy and calm surroundings to improve the quality of life of the surrounding area and to bridge the technology gap.
 To reduce the regional technological imbalance in the Hindi speaking areas of the country, Amethi campus of the IIIT-A was established as a forward and progressive venture of the UPA govt. of India.
Although the position of the two campuses is at the variance yet the guidance provided to the students is kept at par with that at IIIT-A. Our campus is strictly under the supervision of venerated administration of IIIT-A. The examinations are conducted in parallel with those of the Allahabad campus, with students appearing for the same papers. The merit list generated per semester takes into account the students of both the campus as a whole. The vivacious talent of the students here is also considered for all the programs and fests conducted at the Allahabad campus.
An enthusiastic participation is shown in all the cultural events like Effervescence, Foundation Day , V-C Meeting. Nevertheless we are also very keen to show our sportsmanship in all the events conducted.
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